Our vision is for all our children to develop a lifelong love of learning and reach their potential in partnership with families, governors and the wider community, in an environment that is secure, positive and stimulating.

Our Values.

We aim to enhance the lives of all our community members and bring hope for the future by valuing the contribution of all and by developing global citizenship. We all have the right to enjoy life, to learn, to be safe, to be treated kindly, to feel welcome and to be treated with respect. All that we do and say is underpinned by our shared values; community, hope, joy, trust and honesty.Here is a little bit more about each of our schools special values.


A sense of community develops a sense of well being. It extends beyond immediate family relationships and involves sharing ideas and collaborating with a sense of fellowship. It involves contributing within to the school locality; with other schools; with each other and with others globally.


We believe we can make a difference; it is not about being unrealistic; it is about believing what we do may help us and others to flourish, individually and collectively, now and in the future. Both big and small hopes are valued and nurtured.


A joyful education encourages learning through a shared humour. We show others how to enjoy being and what they may become.


Honesty means staying true to your values and being courageous.  It means identifying discrimination even if unintentional and continually acting against it.


Without trust we will feel unable to risks or learn. It is vital in creating dialogue and to those who feel vulnerable. It develops emotional security and love. The creation of trust enables us all to develop and learn.

Learn Well Live Well

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Head Teacher: Jade Hunter

West Earlham Infant & Nursery School
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