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January 2019

Our current Head Teacher is now Sarah Mardell. Policies dated prior to September 2018 will state our Head Teacher as Binks Neate-Evans, this change of personnel may not be reflected in all policies. All policies will be updated to reflect this in line with their approval cycle.

All policies below are available in printed form by request from the school office

Teaching and Learning:

Anti Bullying Policy Anti-Bullying Policy 01.19
Art Policy Art Policy 01.17
Appendix A - Art Vocabulary (1)
Assessment Policy Assessment Policy 02.19
Behaviour for Living and Learning Well Behaviour policy 07.18
Calculation Policy Calculation Policy 03.17
Classroom Organisation Policy Classroom Organisation Policy 02.19
Computing Policy Computing policy 02 19
Educational Visits Policy Educational Visits Policy 01.19
Feedback and Marking Policy Feedback and Marking Policy 01.17
Handwriting Policy Handwriting Policy
Maths Policy Maths and Calculation Policy 05.18
Outdoor Education Policy (including Forest Schools) Outdoor Education Policy (inc. Forest Schools) 05.18
Outdoor Play Policy Outdoor Play Policy 06.18
Physical Education Policy Physical Education Policy 04.18
Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) and Citizenship Policy PSHE policy 05.18
Religious Education Policy Religious Education Policy 02.19
Appendix A - RE Vocab
Restrictive Physical Interventions Policy Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy 06.18
Reading Policy Reading Policy 05.16
Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 02.18
Sex and Relationships Policy Sex and Relationship Policy.11.17
Science Policy science-policy-11-16
Appendix A - Science Vocabulary
Supporting Children with a Medical Conditions including the Administration of Medication Policy Supporting Children with a Medical Condition including the Administration of Medication 04.18
Teaching and Learning Policy Learning and Teaching Policy 02.19
Learning and Teaching Policy - Appendix A
Appendix A - Music Vocabulary
Appendix B - Geography Vocabulary
Appendix C - History Vocabulary
Writing Policy Writing Policy 04.16

Non Teaching:

Accessibility Policy and Plan Accessibility Policy 02.19
Admissions to School Policy Admissions Policy 07.18
Attendance Policy Attendance Policy 02.19

Attendance - Legal Intervention Letter

Attendance -Leave of Absence Form

Bereavement Policy Bereavement Policy 02.19
Children Missing in Education Policy Children Missing in Education 01.19

Children Missing in Education Procedure

Complaints Policy Complaints 10.18
Appendix A - Meeting Request Form
Appendix B - School Formal Complaint Form
Appendix C - School Formal Complaint Review Request Form
Equality Objectives Equality Objectives 02.18
Family Involvement Policy family-involvement-policy-10-16
First Aid at Work Policy First Aid at Work 11.18
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme 11.18
Governor Visits Policy Governor Visits Policy 09.18
Health and Safety Policy Health and Safety Policy 11.18
Healthy Lifestyles Policy Healthy Lifestyle Policy 02.19
Home Visits Policy Home visits policy 11.18
Intimate Care Policy Intimate Care Policy 11.18
Looked After Children Policy Looked After Children Policy 01.19
Lone Working Policy Lone Working Policy 12.18
Positive Touch Policy Positive Touch Policy 05.18
Recruitment and Selection Policy Recruitment and Selection Policy 06.16
Strike Action Policy Strike Action Policy 04.16
Uniform Policy Uniform Policy 05.18
Violence at Work Policy violence-at-work-09-16
Whistleblowing Policy Whistleblowing Policy 11.18
Young People at Work Policy Young People at Work 06.18

Online Safety:

Online Safety Policy Online Safety Policy 02.19
Safe Use of Images Policy Safe Use of Image 02.17
Social Media Policy Social Media Policy 01.19

General Data Protection Regulations:

Privacy Notice West Earlham Privacy Notice - Complete
Photo consent WEINS photo consent form

Photo Consent Withdrawal

General Data Protection Regulations General Data Protection Regulations Policy 11.18
Data Breach Procedure GDPR Breach Procedure
Compliant Records Management Policy WEINS GDPR Compliant Records Management Policy
Digital Continuity Statement WEINS Digital Continuity Statement
Sureveillance and CCTV policy WEINS CCTV and Surveillance Policy

Staff Specific:

Capability Policy Capability Policy - support staff 11.18

Capability Policy - teaching staff 11.18

Code of Conduct Code of Conduct 09.18
Disciplinary Policy Disciplinary Policy.Procedure 09.18
Grievance Policy Grievance Policy.Procedure 11.18
Induction Policy Induction Policy 06.18
Sickness Absence Management Policy Absence management policy 11.18

Absence - Appendix A. Procedure

Staff Wellbeing Policy Wellbeing Policy 04.18
Learn Well Live Well

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