Staff and Class Information


Leadership Team
Jade Hunter Head Teacher/DSL
Rachael Finney Deputy Head Teacher / SENCo
Maddy Marriage Assistant SENCo
Tyler Mayes Key Stage 1 Lead/ADSL
Lauren Blanch Literacy Lead
Alex Holland Early Years Lead


Teaching and Support Staff
EYFS Class Teachers Teaching Assistants
Conkers Ythamar Metcalf

Early Years Teacher

Kerry Cassell

Trudy Marr (Mon-Thurs)

Seedlings Sandra Ball

Early Years Teacher

Dawn Solomka

Ellie Cutter 1:1 (am)

Saplings Karen Bircham


Reanne Riley

Alisha Butcher (am)

Ellie Cutter 1:1 (pm)


Reception Class Teachers Teaching Assistants
Silver Birch Alex Holland Charlotte Carding
Willow Crystal Rodrigues (Mon, Tues)

Abbey Ready (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Amy Aldrich
Hazel Diana Fisher (Maternity Cover) Hannah Ward
Reception TA (am)  Laura Farrelly
 Year 1 Class Teachers Teaching Assistants
Rowan Chelsea Connolly Callum Warnes

Alice Fowler

Elm Lauren Blanch Charlotte Foster

Annie Jennings


Year 2 Class Teachers Teaching Assistants
Chestnut Cheryl Hillyard Clair Benton

Kelly Williams

Amanda Bedders 1:1

Oak Tyler Mayes Chloe Burrows

Pip Evanson

Michelle Watson 1:1


Mulberry Class
Class Teacher Claire Hewett
Teaching Assistants Carrie Collis

Susan Peel

Rebecca Osei-Poku 1:1

Support Staff
Family Support Worker Siobhan Ashwell ADSL
Inclusion (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) Gloria Gray ADSL
Speech and Language Therapist (Wed ) Emma Cane
Speech and Language Therapist (Mon, Wed, Thurs) Jess Henery
Speech and Language Assistant (Thurs, Fri) Janet Heasman
Cover Supervisor
ELSA (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri) Tina Howard


Office Staff
School Business Manager Viv Lavender (part time)
Officer Administration Tracy Davidson (part time)
Office Manager Jane Pickersgill
Site Manager Mike Jones (part-time)
Auxiliary Staff
Cleaning Staff Jo Howes, Michelle Millington, Suzanne Folkard, Hayley Marshall, Malvina Cocker
MSA’s Jo Howes, Michelle Millington, Suzanne Folkard, Hayley Marshall, Rachel Davis, Heidi Dew, Donna Tonkinson
ESC J Howes


Staff – Key Area of Responsibility

*The Head Teacher has ultimate responsibility for ALL areas including Health and Safety*
Health and Safety
Building/Premises School Business Manager, Office Manager
Fire related equipment/concerns School Business Manager, Office Manager
First aid Office Manager
Hygiene Office Manager School Business Manager
Outside equipment School Business Manager
Outside Grounds School Business Manager/Site Manager
PE equipment PE Lead
Security Head Teacher, School Business Manager, Site Manager
Curriculum Areas
Art and design Alex Holland
Digital Technology and Computing Alex Holland
English (including RWI) Lauren Blanch
History Diana Fisher
Geography Crystal Rodrigues, Abbey Ready
Maths Tyler Mayes
Music Karen Bircham
Physical Education Claire Hewett
Science Cheryl Hillyard
Religious Education Chelsea Connolly
RSHE/PHSE Maddy Marriage
Behaviour Class Teacher, Inclusion Manager, SLT
Attendance Class Teacher, Office Manager, Family Support Worker
Consumables Office Manager (ordering) , School Business Manager (budget approval)
Expenditure School Business Manager, Head Teacher
Extended Schools Office Manager School Business Manager
Family conduct Class Teacher, Head Teacher, Family Support Worker
Governors conduct Head Teacher
Head Teachers conduct Chair of Governors
Meal time concerns Class Teacher
Educational visits School Business Manager
Personal Issues that may attract media attention Head Teacher
Pupil Premium Head Teacher
Policies and Procedures School Business Manager
Rotas School Business Manager
Safeguarding/Child Protection DSL
SEND Deputy Head/SENCo, Assistant SENCo
Staff absence Deputy Head
Staff conduct Deputy Head
Staff well-being Deputy Head, School Business Manager, Family Support Worker
Stolen Property School Secretary
Technology School Business Manager
Volunteers and visitors School Secretary


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