School Improvement & Development

Welcome from Head Teacher:

We think it is important that our school community helps us to improve. We are open and transparent about the work we do, including what we are really good at but also the things we try and improve on.

We think your views are important and want to hear them. If you’d like to comment on our improving school please:

  • Ask to speak to a school leader
  • Post on our Facebook page titled ‘our improving school’
  • Bring your ideas to school and hand them into the office. Please mark it ‘our improving school’
  • Share your ideas with your class rep for them to bring along to the next meeting.

If you have ideas as to how you can get more involved with improving our school we would really love to hear from you, please ask to speak to me. 

Sarah Mardell – Head Teacher

Our improving school aims (from our School Improvement and Development Plan):

Leadership & Management

  1. To continue to develop and embed the role of middle/subject leaders in core and foundation subjects to improve outcomes for all children.
  2. Staff wellbeing and mental health is effectively supported.
  3. All SEND targets and provision, reflect individual children's current needs, to ensure maximum progress is made.
  4. To ensure we have a clear, responsive programme of online safety provision across school.

Quality of Education

  1. To continue to develop the environment and developmentally sensitive pedagogy in KS1 to ensure children are able to revisit the key concepts and knowledge, which can be committed to long-term memory.
  2. To improve outcomes for all children in writing.
  3. To ensure assessment in the KS1 foundations subjects is well integrated, accurate and manageable to be able to track progress, identify strengths, difficulties and next steps.

Personal Development

  1. Develop sensible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part in caring for the local environment.
  2. To raise awareness of the importance of good oral hygience, to reduce the number of children with significant tooth decay.

Behaviours and Attitudes

  1. To ensure that all children arrive at main school on time (by 9am), ready for learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage

  1. Use the Nuffield Early Language Intervention to support development of good oral skills.

We will share our achievements with families through:

  • School Social Media pages (Facebook,  School Dojo and the Website)
  • Sharing good news with the Local external Media
  • Newsletters
  • Family/Class Rep meetings
  • During Learning Review Meetings through sharing children’s work
  • Class Assemblies

We check that we are doing these things through:

Internal Methods:

  • Governor Meetings
  • Staff, team and key stage meetings
  • Pupil Progress Review Meetings
  • Learning Walks
  • Book Looks
  • Family Rep Meetings
  • Discussions with Children/Children’s work

External Methods:

  • School to School support
  • VNET
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Contact Us.

Head Teacher: Sarah Mardell

West Earlham Infant & Nursery School
Scarnell Road, Norwich, NR5 8HT