School Improvement & Development

Welcome from Head Teacher:

We think it is important that our school community helps us to improve. We are open and transparent about the work we do, including what we are really good at but also the things we try and improve on.

We think your views are important and want to hear them. If you’d like to comment on our improving school please:

  • Ask to speak to a school leader
  • Post on our Facebook page titled ‘our improving school’
  • Bring your ideas to school and hand them into the office. Please mark it ‘our improving school’
  • Share your ideas with your class rep for them to bring along to the next meeting.

If you have ideas as to how you can get more involved with improving our school we would really love to hear from you, please ask to speak to me. 

Sarah Mardell – Head Teacher

Our improving school aims (from our School Improvement and Development Plan):

Leadership & Management

  1. Develop the role of middle and senior leaders
  2. To further engage families/carers to support them in their children's education and learning
  3. To develop and strengthen the staff team by prioritising well being & mental health
  4. To further develop and embed the role of governors in monitoring to hold leaders to account for the quality of education

Quality of Education

  1. Review the school's curriculum to ensure that all children, including vulnerable children, receive a broad and balanced education where all children achieve highly
  2. To build professional knowledge about metacognition and self regulated learning to further improve the quality of teaching and learning across the school
  3. To relocate the library to support the value of reading for pleasure across the school

Personal Development

  1. To develop children's understanding of the importance of the natural world and their role in caring for it as responsible and respectful citizens
  2. Develop high aspirations in all children
  3. To continue to develop strategies to support children's social emotional learning
  4. To implement 'Relationships and Sex education' in line with the legislation

Behaviours and Attitudes

  1. For all staff to understand the six principles of nurture and embed across the whole school, to support an inclusive ethos and culture around the needs of every child.
  2. To gather the views of families/carers to ensure school is responsive to the local community and enables them to be involved in educational planning and decision making to enrich their children's experiences

Early Years Foundation Stage

  1. To ensure consistency of all staff in  EYFS as effective practitioners able to support young children's learning and progress
  2. To ensure  the number of children reaching at least 'expected' in ELG writing at the end of reception is maintained/increased

Further information about the above targets can be found in our School Improvement and Development Plan, which is below.

SIDP 2019-2020

We will share our achievements with families through:

  • School Social Media pages (Facebook,  App and the Website)
  • Sharing good news with the Local external Media
  • Newsletters
  • Family/Class Rep meetings
  • During Learning Review Meetings through sharing children’s work
  • Class Assemblies

We check that we are doing these things through:

Internal Methods:

  • Governor Meetings
  • Staff, team and key stage meetings
  • Pupil Progress Review Meetings
  • Learning Walks
  • Book Looks
  • Family Rep Meetings
  • Discussions with Children/Children’s work

External Methods:

  • School to School support
  • VNET
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Head Teacher: Sarah Mardell

West Earlham Infant & Nursery School
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