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September 2017

Our School Governor is now Pamela Turnbull. Policies dated prior to September 2017 will state our Chair of Governors as Sarah Grenville, this change of personnel may not be reflected in all policies. All policies will be updated to reflect this in line with their approval cycle.

Teaching and Learning:

Anti-Bullying Policy 07.17

Art Policy 01.17

Appendix A – Art Vocabulary (1)

Assessment Policy 07.17

Behaviour for Learning and Livinfg Well Policy 02.17

Calculation Policy 03.17

Computing Policy 05.17

Appendix A – Maths Vocabulary

Educational Visits Policy

Feedback and Marking Policy 01.17

Handwriting Policy

Maths Policy 03.17

Appendix A – Maths Vocabulary

PE Policy 12.14

Appendix A – PE Vocabulary

Religious Education Policy 05.15

Appendix A – RE Vocab

Reading Policy 05.16

Special Educational Needs and Disabilty Policy 02.17


Science Policy 11.16

Appendix A – Science Vocabulary

Supporting Children with the Medical Conditions Policy 04.17

Teaching and Learning

Appendix A – Music Vocabulary

Appendix B – Geography Vocabulary

Appendix C – History Vocabulary

Writing Policy 04.16


Safeguarding Policy 02.17




Prevent Policy 12.16

Appendix A – Prevent

Appendix B – Prevent

Appendix C – Prevent

Non Teaching:

Accessibility Policy and Plan 02.16

Admission to School Policy 02.17

Attendance Policy 05.17

Children Missing in Education Policy 02.17

Complaints Policy 02.17

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Code of Conduct 12.16

Data Protection Policy 04.17extended-schools-policy-09-16


Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 06.16

Governor Visits Policy 12.16

Health and Safety Policy 06.17

Intimate Care Policy 05.17


Recruitment and Selection Policy 06.16

Strike Action Policy 04.16


Whistleblowing Policy 12.16

Online Safety:

Online Safety Policy 03.17

Safe Use of Image 02.17

Social Media Policy 02.17


Bad Debt 06.17

Charging Policy 06.17


Nursery Fee’s Policy 06.17

Pupil Premium Policy 04.17

Redundant Equipment Policy 06.17



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